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Norton Audits Completes 5 Year Sepsis Study Auditing Contract
18 Audits Conducted from 2011 through 2017
Norton Audits Completes Investigator Systems Consulting
Focus in Quality and Marketing Leads to New Business Model

Our Objective is to Improve

Our Student’s Clinical Research Skills

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of your help in making our training a success! I did not hear a single negative comment or suggestion….nothing but positive feedback and enthusiasm about the day (which is rare in a group this size).
Sr. Clinical Research Associate from in-house Monitor Training Class, September 2008


"I just wanted to thank you for the GCP presentation which you gave for our group at Washington University.   I was so inspired by your talk that I have started a quality improvement process with the coordinators with whom I work. In addition to our IRB’s guidelines and HHS/OHRP Guidance, we are reviewing the wonderful notes and tools that you shared with us at the GCP presentation. We have written our first SOPs focusing on submission of AEs, SAE, and INDs/Medwatch Reports. I believe that we are improving the process.    I hope that we can invite you back one day.   If you are presenting in our area and it is open to outsiders, I would love to attend. Thanks again!!
Clinical Research Coordinator from in-house GCP Training Class, August 2008


"Great Speaker.  Phenomenal.  Wow!  An entire new arena of information for me.  New doors opened for continued education.  Very well done and received by the group.  I've attended training in the past and I think this trainer is excellent."

Investigators and Coordinators, from 'Clinical Investigations and the FDA Inspectional Process' On-Site Class, August 2006


"This training will help give me more of a clear base or foundation to continue my learning on becoming a good CRC."

Clinical Research Coordinator from 'Promoting Excellence in Clinical Research' Class, January 2006


"I have considered using Norton Audits for consultation in the past, now enthused!"

Independent Clinical Research Professional, from 'Auditing Clinical Investigators' Class, January, 2006


" This class confirmed that a systems approach to evaluating the site/sponsors/data/staff/etc. provides a greater sense of reliability of subject safety."

Independent Clinical Research Professional, from 'Auditing Clinical Investigators' Class January, 2006


"I have a whole new outlook on my job.  In a way it is scary!  I hope I can make a difference in the future as to how things are being done."

Regulatory Compliance from 'Promoting Excellence in Clinical Research' Class, January 2006


“This training will provide a stepping-stone for clinical auditing that I will be asked to do in the future.”

Quality Assurance Manager from 'Clinical Research Fraud and Misconduct' Class, December, 2005


“This training has opened my eyes!  I now know that the Sponsor does not provide all the necessary “tools” needed for ensuring data collection/management.  I have to do more to protect/cover myself.”

Community Research, Study Coordinator from 'Clinical Research Fraud and Misconduct' Class, December, 2005


“I will be a better monitor since my auditing skills have been improved by this knowledge based/experience based presentation.  Every CRA, Sponsor, Investigator, and site staff should participate in these classes!  We want more!”

CSMG, Clinical Research Associate from 'Monitoring through Quality Systems' Class, November, 2005


“Increased awareness on approaching preparedness for sites prior to study start-up.  Evaluate and pre-study sites that lack critical elements for performing research.”

CSMG, Clinical Research Associate from 'Monitoring through Quality Systems' Class, November, 2005


“Everything you offer is great, emails and forms to come are great, further training classes desirable”

From “GCP-Coordinator/Monitor' Class, September, 2005


“I will be paying close attention to the protocol and making sure that the PI is available for the study subject questions and concerns.”& amp; lt; /span>

From 'GCP – Coordinator/Monitor' Class, October, 2005


"This training will help us win more studies."
Study Coordinator from 'Promoting Excellence in Clinical Research - Study Coordinator' Training Class, September, 2004

"We have implemented several of your tools into this project.  We put together an action plan that we has been complemented on by numerous seasoned veterans on our team."
Lead Clinical Research Associate II, OrthoLogic Corp., from 'Clinical Research Fraud and Misconduct' Mentoring Session, July, 2005

"We thoroughly enjoyed and valued our time and information received from Tamera."
Senior Clinical Research Associate, Guidant Corporation, from In-House 'Monitoring through Quality Systems' Training Class, May, 2005

"Tamera's one-on-one mentorship provided me with more insight than years of training sessions could have.   Her in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the FDA regulations and practical approach to monitoring and auditing goes unmatched by any other in the industry.  Her calculated organization and personally devised tools for employee training programs and site SOPs provided me with resources that would have taken years to compile.  I only wish I would have met her years ago!" 
Director of Clinical Research, Lehigh Valley Hospital, from Two-Day One-on-One Mentoring Session, March, 2005

"Every time I have heard your presentations, you have given me new life."
Senior Clinical Research Associate, Novartis, 
North Texas ACRP Seminar, October, 2004

"This was an excellent course.  Ms. Smith is extremely knowledgeable in the area of fraud and held the attention of the audience the entire day. "
Clinical Research Associate, Aventis, from 'Detection and Prevention of Clinical Research Fraud and Misconduct' Training Class, September, 2004

"Your FDA and industry experience, and systematic approach to regulations and real world clinical research issues continues to make us a better organization."  
Psychiatric Clinical Investigator, Atlanta Institute of Medicine and Research, from in-house Coordinator Training Class, October, 2004

"I gathered a lot better data than I would have before your talk." 
Clinical Research Coordinator, North Texas ACRP Seminar, October, 2004

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